The 2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence: Let people be inspired!

The day after officially launching the 2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence, Pressenza had the opportunity, at the end of the act of forming the symbol of peace and nonviolence with young people from various schools in Madrid, to speak with their coordinator, Rafael de la Rubia, of the humanist international association, Mundo sin Guerras y Violencia.

Pressenza: ¿Qué te pareció el lanzamiento de ayer?

Rafael de la Rubia: Well, many things. It is a synthesis of a stage; a stage of preparation and we had already decided about a year ago, but yesterday is the already firm commitment to make a second march, that the feelings we have is that it can have a lot of support and it is very necessary the situation there.

More in the Source of the article: Pressena International Press Agency – 10.11.2018 – Madrid, Spain – Tony Robinson

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